Julen's Ausome Sauce Find Your Ausome!

Julen's Ausome Sauce started out as a journey to pursue a passion for food and cooking. While the love of these two things is still very present in our lives, Covid-19 has changed our path. Many have been faced with difficult obstacles in the past few years, and we no longer have access to our local co-packer to produce and bottle our sauces. 

The down time gave us the opportunity to focus on our books and work closely with a school district in Washington state and develop our content to incorporate an SEL curriculum. Each activity puts the learner in the shoes of the special needs student which teaches and promotes empathy. 

While we take this pause from the sauce, we will be working hard to promote our books! If you know a Special Ed Director, Principal or Teacher that might be interested in hearing our story, or if you'd like a sample of our activities, let us know!


Stay Ausome!